the beginning of the end

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Through many a hanout banner and quite a few patriotic displays in the rear windows of taxis, it seems that the affluently content population has decided to vote “yes”.  Yet this automatic agreement is pronounced like a syncope and by the time the syllables catch up they’re crumbled and out of breath. Were you to pronounce the words as they’re written you would sound foreign, proper, completely disconnected with reality, earning the “you’re not from around here, are ya?” look. Foreign-sounding or not, contrary to popular accent or not, the vocalized reforms are missing something. There are probably dissenting voices to be heard, and in that probably we can’t afford to skip over the second B sound.

After wearing me down like the traction on tires – the months of researching, interviewing, translating, writing, rewriting, analyzing, and various other verbs in the present continuous – my project is coming to an end.  Today, I’m taking one last 15dh trip to the office to present my work. This is not to say that I will stash my project away in a cupboard to grow old with the dust, eyelashes, and other wayward microbes. No, I’m certain I will be continuously editing and revising. After all, ends are really a new beginning.


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