June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

How much longer will you be in Morocco?
Not sure. Probably 2 weeks. Maybe 3.

Where are you going?
Not sure. Maybe France, maybe Germany. It depends on when I leave. From there, Austria.

Are you done with your project yet?
more or less.

So what are you doing with your time?
English lessons, music festivals, cooking, shadowing the mother of a friend of a friend to learn how to make traditional pastries, final critics on my project, reading, WAITING.

Is talking to yourself via a second-person interview a waving black flag of writer’s block?
I would have suggested “unrest”.

Some people are born with perfect comic timing. Others take chances and hope it works out (big applaud to the women of Saudi Arabia). Yesterday the timing happened to pass my way. I met up with Meryem, her brother, and another American and we all went to have tea in the Kasbah. I hadn’t talked with Meryem since the Kenitra days, so it was a perfect to lead the way right to my place and serve everyone tea on the terrace.  Tonight, tossup between more jazz at chellah or a Patrice Lumumba tribute festival.


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