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June 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Lisa is someone you always want to hang around because her wit and humor constantly gush out like an oil spill if ever an oil spill could ever be something positive. It was a few calendar flips back when we first met. Back then, I still took classes at the “Ass Club”; back then, I hadn’t yet made many friends and hadn’t yet acquired the scars I have now. Since then, we’ve bonded in a way only two girls far from home, who both happen to be critics of the aid industry, who are both coffee and juice addicts, who both ask people who use “droits de l’homme” to use instead “droits humains”, can bond. Last night as the eclipsing moon threw off its covers, she got on a bus for Europe, and now I have no one to brush my teeth with.  Yes, it wont be long until I see her again when we do a quick tour of her motherland. But yesterday sunshine was her mien, today it’s just a color.


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