case in point

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

“For example,” I explained, “someone is bored if something is boring. I am annoyed if my brother is annoying.” In our voyage through the world of adjectives, we had shored up on the land of –ED and –ING endings. My class listened, though a coin flip’s worth was occupied with their fidgeting and the other half partly attentive.  “Teacher, what does annoying mean?” When my direct French translation proved ineffective, and my French description as well, I turned to the foolproof pantomiming. In a pathetic one-woman-act, I imitated boys on the streets as they catcalled passing women. And to an extent, the point was made for me. After class, some of the girls offered to walk me to the bus station and sure enough, a garden-variety group of boys were extremely disrespectful towards us. I, not wanting to let the 10-16-year-olds think that that was kosher, lashed back. I felt I employed a calm, minimal method of telling them off (ok, maybe I spat as well). In any case, being the product of a god-awful education system or perhaps just the product of an environment that reproduces impertinent male behavior, one began throwing rocks. Though slightly harrowed by those that came within an arm’s reach, I have since returned, unaffected, to eat couscous with the school’s director.   Like all things involving kids, the volunteer teaching position is proving to be more demanding than anticipated.

My search for paid teaching positions is a disheveled mop of hair that can’t decide if it will comply or not. This weekend I’m brewing up ginger-basil-lemon iced tea and seeping deeper into the reality that it might be nearing the time to pack up.


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