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June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The prude distant cousins of “food porn”, these photos might not convey culinary ecstasy.  They are simply the breadcrumbs trailing behind two wanderlust babes. Every now and then, the yodeling of a food vendor triggered an avalanche impulse to splurge on a full-course meal, but most of the time our meals showcased only the Moroccan staple: bread.

plaza mayor, madrid

bab bou jaloud, fes


our terrace, rabat (pan y tomate, as inspired by our madrid breakfasts)

brunch at my place


middle atlas rest stop

take your time

sahara breakfast

mystery meat


gourmet dinner (aka there are no restaurants in imi-n-ifri)

demnate tajine redemption

agadir feast


log cabin

earth cafe

spiced tea

This last photo was taken on Djemaa el Fna, where we waded through the food stalls, medicine men, tooth pullers, musicians, and snake charmers which encumber most of the square as soon as night falls.  It is also the sight of the Argana cafe bombing last month, though it seems to have intimidated no one. In fact, people lingered around the sight like it was a funeral, the building’s facade shrouded in a white tent. Some even took pictures with the sign, and everywhere Marrakechis whizzed by on their motorcycles undeterred by neither the sea of people nor the scene of the crime.

I promised myself I’d make a decision about leaving in 2 weeks or leaving early July by tonight. There’s more at stake than choosing between a hot dog or a burger on 4th of July, though I could carry with this theme of mildly national obligations (yes, an Independence Day bbq is an obligation). But on a slightly higher civil duty rung, the two ideas are fiercely campaigning for my votes. The farm party platform promises to solve my economic crises while the stay-here party boasts its seniority to justify reelection. More debating tonight, then I’ll cast my vote.



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