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May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve gotta tell somebody this stuff. Here’s a rough idea of my general findings from my research project. Aside from investigating this sample as a whole, I also try to break it down and analyze based on education level of the girl, economic status, location, and parent’s education level.

For now, of the sample of 47 unmarried women ages 16-34 I can report the following statistical analysis:

  • Nearly 70% of women mentioned without hesitation that they would like to be married. Only 10% answered in the negative, and of those the justification was often “because I have not yet found the right person”(#18).
  • Slightly less than half of the women indicated that their life will improve after marriage, including that they “will not stay as [they] are now, but [they] will be a different person”(#45). One-third indicated that they will assume more responsibility after marriage.
  • The ideal marrying age was generally above 20 years, with a shift towards the late-20s.
  • Regarding an ideal man, one who loves or respects the woman was mentioned almost equally as one who has a job. The criteria of being well educated and cultured were slightly more prevalent than the criteria of a “good Muslim” (one that performs his prayers, does not smoke or drink).
  • Marriage is most often described as a relationship of some kind. Secondly, it is described as somehow integral to life, either improvement or necessity. It is interesting to note that marriage was described specifically as “stability” with notable frequency.
  • The large majority listed the creation of a family as a purpose of marriage. For many it was the uniquely listed purpose.
  • Only about 40% exhibited a mild familiarity with the NFC. 27% knew nothing about the NFC or did not see it as applicable to their personal lives.
  • 70% of the women had never spoken about the NFC with their parents. 25% had discussed it once or on occasion.
  • The majority of women described gendered marital roles, integrating aspects of a male breadwinner and domestic female duties.
  • 66% of women speak with their parents about marriage either a limited amount or with only one parent.
  • About half of the women said that their parents expect their future spouse to be well situated, including “that he should be working”(#23).
  • 60% of the women interviewed would not marry against their parents’ will; 20% would select a spouse whom they know is in line with their parents’ expectations. 11% were unsure or provided a mixed response. Only 9% indicated they would marry someone their parents did not approve of.

This last point is of course, what I am most interested in. There is a definite trend between the parents’ education level and their personal capacity to choose a spouse. The correlation continues on an economic level as well. But what am I talking about? I’ve got the rest of the draft to flesh out, a bag to pack, and a flight to catch.

Til June.


§ 2 Responses to sneak peek

  • Jon-Erik says:

    Thank you for sharing your findings Hayley. I am very interested in seeing the end result; especially the relation of one’s social economic status to each statistic.

  • Nicole says:

    Glad that semester of statistics tutoring paid off.

    That is some interesting research! Can’t wait to hear about your synthesis later on.

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