beach blanket bingo

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I didn’t have a blog to tend to I might not remember half of what’s been happening these past few days.  And if I didn’t have a project to finish in T-72 hours I might be a little more creative with this post. Humor me.

Friday, met Laia and Saskia for couscous and coffee. Sauntered to the train station to meet a work camp association about volunteer English lessons in Salé. We’ll see.

Saturday, worked on translations from noon to midnight, happy to announce there’s nothing holding me back but me.

Sunday was a saturnalia of summer, and much needed. After the 12-hour translation session the day before, I didn’t think twice about heading to the beach. Gus packed his board and I packed my towel and we trekked down to the Oudayas Surf Club. With reggae thumping, 3 cars caravanned to Bouznika, a surfer and wind surfer’s paradise. The boys were as giddy as preschoolers, as they slithered into their second skins and hit the waves. 2 French girls and I watched on, extremely jealous, but swam and did beach puzzles to our heart’s content. Couldn’t resist joining in the volleyball game with a soccer ball, but now my forearms look like a cheetah. Undoubtedly the greatest blot in the day was choosing to eat the meat at a sketchy roadside restaurant.  Today, I’m paying for it.  I’m sick and it shows in that funny, fraternal way that boys tell each other “you look like hell” and girls subtly ask the other if they’d fancy a spa day.

Speaking of a spa day, tomorrow I’ll be giving my roommates some royal treatment. Because they were gracious enough to let me roll in two suitcases and set up shop in the spare room, I’ve decided to plan an appreciation day for them. I’m making them breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we’ll see what else.


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