May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Brahim stared at me from across the rim of my avocado juice. The juice stand owner and international news junkie obviously wanted to say something. Reluctantly, I stopped mid-gulp of my dulcet breakfast beverage to listen. He gave me a “have you heard?” and jabbed his thumb towards the shoe-box sized television splattered with water damage and barely transmitting the content. Of Rabat’s countless corner shops, this stand is my first choice for indulging in a juice and harcha with jibn addiction. Maybe because with a quick look at the fruit decals and bees and Brahim’s nearly see-through cap, you can tell it’s got some history to it.  Maybe it’s because way back in September they were one of the first places that didn’t treat me like an foreigner. Whatever the case, I lapped up a quick bit of avocado juice and nodded. “l-barH, ma-kayn-sh Osama bin Laden…” I followed with a “ طيب الله ثراه“. Brahim went on to include Palestine, corruption, and various other US foreign affair vices in his perfectly friendly concluding statements.  Some days, I just want to listen to people.  I thanked him and stepped out with Jimi’s “Star Spangled Banner” surging through my being, giving me a mild patriotic rush. I looked at my phone and realized several friends had called and texted me the news. Should we celebrate death?

Tonight I’ll make some more zâalouk (a Moroccan “salad”) then sit down with my roommates to talk about rent. They’ve offered me the room and I said yes; no more moving for this girl.


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