turning a house into a hostel

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s one of nature’s symbiotic relationships: feeder fish cleaning the parasites off a shark, cows eating grass and making pies, crocodiles and birds, ying and yang, and now the “I’ll cook if you scrub the pans” and “does anyone else have something to throw in the washer?” developing between my roommates and I. At the moment, our happy housing triplet has doubled. This weekend, we are hosting a Texan and two Austrians, which makes for cozy sleeping arrangements and plenty of translation errors.  Not a bad thing, except for this afternoon’s challenge of finding a quite place for some yoga. Tonight, we’re taking on even more, since the host family of my roommate is stopping by.

In the meantime, I returned my Kenitra key to my landlord and got stood up when I wanted to work on translations at the office, but got a VIP tour of a clinic. I’m starting the writing process, and really wishing I had packed my Qur’an.


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