hunger strike

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

If there exists any constant, unavoidable connectivity in life of a college student, it’s unfamiliarity with cash. Survival in this economic ecosystem requires an inventive diet, and a plentitude of cold showers. With scarce resources, I’m feeling as useless as a flightless bird, particularly now that a shipload of expenses anchored to my island and whose crewmen just might hunt me to extinction. My wallet’s mastering the art of yoga the way I’m making it stretch. One grand lighter, the fiscal death sentence of flying home in July is certainly no triviality.

On the other hand, I’m not short on liveliness. On the way to the gender conference I slipped through a trap door and ended up on a blind date (oops). Then there was a mad dash to get back to the house and clean up before nearly 40 twenty-something’s came over for our housewarming party. Until almost 4am, we luau’d, masqueraded, tangoed, and boogied as though Anis Mojgani had given us our direct orders.  The morning after, my roommates and I swapped tales of the night’s adventures, swept the terrace, and came to the unhappy realization that someone had taken off with 3 bars of my dark chocolate, 2 bottles of Gus’ pricy French wine, and Lisa’s dates. Other than that, c’était bien passé. After a speedy recovery, I headed to Rabat’s only Protestant church to watch some friends sing Gospel music, and it in turn became another opportunity to dance. Afterwards, I escaped the synchronized madness of a Barcelona vs Real Madrid soccer match by having some West African food with 3 Cameroonian generals.

Easter concert

the chief (also a chef)


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