April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Honey, would you take out the trash?” I called out, only half-jokingly to my roommates as they headed to another day at the office. Without a 9-5, I stayed at the house to write and analyze on the roof. Because I also unconsciously watered the plants, did the dishes and bought veggies for dinner, perhaps I’ll feel like an accidental hypocrite tomorrow and Saturday at my gender roles conference. I wonder what France’s excuse is. (first trying to sell arms to Libya and now using the very arms them against; ticketing veiled women for their religious expression while “crusading” into Arab countries to assist those without the freedom of choice…not to mention their role in Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire)

Here’s episode 3 of my housing saga, a tour of our little home in the Kasbah. I’m shedding those dark, dreary months of icy housing environments and tossing them into the back of the closet (or in my case, suitcase). Spring is sprung, it’s exactly where I want to be.


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