March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Qur’an never orders women to blindly obey their husbands, never connects child care and rearing as essentially female characteristics, nor does it make a distinction on a spiritual level. In the culture quandary, however, 47 interviews have given an indication of longstanding interpretations embedded in societal norms. So I’m tweaking my research outline, adding an element to dissect the comfortable dichotomizing of gender roles.   Now that speaks my manifesto.


The wind’s blowing north. Tonight I’m headed to Nador and to the Spanish town of Melilla for a weekend of Mediterranean.  When I get back, I’m moving to the Rabat. I can’t take much longer as the persona non grata of Kenitra, a town that marshals my movements as an unmarried, unaccompanied female. But more importantly, I’m worn out on dinners for one. One lethargic afternoon after another disappears into listless evenings as I’m stowed away in my tower, a tree falling in the forest that no one hears. So I’m being melodramatic, as usual. I’ll stay in the Kasbah for most of April, then move to the district l’ocean for May and June.



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