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March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After three check-ins to see if 25-year-old Soula was ready for her interview I decided to stay and help her set-up shop. Her closet-sized shop exhibits a fair degree of permanence in the narrow market street largely occupied men and women seated on the ground with their items sprawled on the floor. I watched and imitated as she meticulously dusted off canned meat, nutella, feminine products, diapers, and margarine and arranged them on a table. We hooked hangers of lounge-clothes to the awning and tore cardboard boxes to shade chocolate bars. After the final touch of attaching panty-hoes to a basket, she was open and ready for business, but graciously stalled for my questions.

I have now completed 41 interviews and I’ll admit I sometimes get jumbled when I replay them. For the first few moments the Isley Brothers slow jam into my mind as I wonder, who’s that lady?   Usually after a few beats I get thrown back into the moment, I can see their faces and remember the slow progression of confusion clarity, laughing, and conversation. Maybe it’s against good researching, but it’s hard to remain objective.

Also, concerning the violence on Saturday, word-of-mouth tells me one person died, but so far no news source has confirmed it. Rumors, hitherto unreliable, may be more than small talk when it exists amongst a delicate public-face PR agenda. Strikes today and tomorrow in solidarity.

Moroccan teachers to strike after violent protests | Top News | Reuters.


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