faces in a crowd

February 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have made a small attempt to translate some of the signs. What I hope these photos and all of those currently leaking out of the Mideast and N Africa show is that contrary to popular (uninformed) belief,  that not all Arab protests involve burning American flags.



vantage point


camera man

hey cairo egypt, hey tunisia...

taking a smoke break


Not political dissent, but I like it anyway.

another shout out to egypt and tunisia

Snacks and cigarettes, even demonstrators get hungry

squatting in front of Parliament

; but I’m not certain”]

"enough of political hypocrisy; enough of police sieges"

"for a popular, democratic constitution"

"their morocco: monopoly, oppression, theft....our morocco: dignity, justice, distribution of wealth" and so on

eagle eye

on the move

I'm not quite sure what the arabic says, something about a rhetorical generation?

political prisoners

an very empowered women, despite her burqa






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