Shhh! This is a…

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because Madrid’s Biblioteca Nacional boasts statues of Cervantes, Isidoro, and El Sabio and a museum of books pleasantly past their prime centuries, it’s in first place for my favorite national library. But, the Bibliotèque Nationale du Royaume du Maroc has proven a sharp contender. Only in Morocco would the library cafeteria serve couscous. After forking over my passport for a visitor’s badge, I settled down at a long table for the afternoon’s excitement: hours of interview transcription.

I was wrong. The movements in across North Africa and the Gulf region are coming to Morocco. There is a manifestation planned for this Sunday. Interestingly enough, a counter-protest is already forming. I’m skeptical on the unity of this event– which in theory has its main friction with Parliament– because with often-buried issues such as the Western Sahara and Rif, who knows the direction it could take. Here’s the campaign video in arabic, but if I find one with a translation I’ll post it too.


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