farewell friday

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Neocons in my country, leaders of the Western world, and above all, leaders of various Arab countries have long rehearsed the same bedtime story. The narrative they paint is one of the lesser of two evils; either terrible autocratic, despotic regimes reign supreme via emergency measures and censorship and fear, OR the countries fall into the US-hating hands of Islamists. They’ve claimed there is no silent majority, there is no in-between. The people of Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, and Yemen know this narrative to be false. In the streets once again today, the once silenced majority of Egypt have declared it to be a Farewell Friday for Mr. Mubarak.

Personally, I’m saying a temporary farewell to my apartment, to my television that censors the word “sex”, to my interviews, to my half-broken hot water heater, and North African politics in real time. Not that I’m not following the rest of the world too. The military talks on the Korean peninsula collapsed after two days, fun-loving Berlusconi, “elections” in Myanmar, and SUDAN are ranking pretty high on my list. Anyway, off to Lyon. I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t actually be able to be in Paris, the city of love or something like it, on Valentines Day.  I’ll be back Tuesday or Wednesday.



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