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February 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

A cancelled Monday afternoon class is a little like reacting to a camera’s flash. Even though I’ve begun to anticipate it, it always leaves me with a stunned, unbecoming squint like someone learning to wink.  In lieu of our gender studies class, I suggested going out for coffee. A little after noon, I found myself in a car with 4 of my female classmates, deliberating between cafes that were too big or too small until we found our Goldilocks-of-a-coffeeshop, a crisp looking cafe on the banks of the Sebou River. On our jaunt down the path to the seating area down by the river, I made a Chris Farley reference that nobody understood.  I ordered cafe nus-nus, half coffee and half milk, because I needed something to last an entire conversation. Zayneb, who loves Oxford heels, ordered a Fayrou soda and spent most of her breath grumbling about a particularly Machiavellian professor.  Inspired, Loubna took a Schweppes soda and sipped it through a straw while she directed Zayneb’s animosity of her professor on men in general. Already married and a mother, Meryem exempt herself from most of the male-bashing with a crepe au chocolat and a hot chocolate. Certain hadiths declare that the Prophet Mohamed used to fast on Mondays and Thursdays, so Basmae didn’t drink or eat at all. She did however, feast on our feminist discourse. All in all, we enjoyed the sweetest of beverages and the bitterest of conversations: our general loathing of the disrespect we endure from the opposite sex. It’s nice to know that I don’t suffer alone.  The guys here slay my sanity worse than Katy Perry (What terrible societal pressures create such a being? She, by the way, is a walking contradiction. Purportedly and simultaneously she’s a saint, a cheap whipped cream entertainer, a monogamy role model, and various other female archetypes. But her Janus face really just reinforces societal gender roles of female constraints, sexuality, and behavior).

Girl Talk

Ok so not ALL guys are terrible. Shortly after parting ways with the girls from my class, I met up with my friend Ilias for even more coffee and heavy discussion, this time centered on people setting themselves on fire. This phenomenon seems to be growing in popularity, with a case emerging this week in Southern Morocco…


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