February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyone needs an extra toothbrush asylum: a friend or neighbor’s house where you’re always welcome to stay, to the point that you can keep an extra toothbrush there. I went for another Arabic group session yesterday morning, then ended up staying the night at Lisa’s.

My cycling coach and I once spent the majority of the drive from Humboldt to Reno discussing the eccentric male ego that emerges in instances of physical exercise in which a female is present.  Specifically, we baffled at the occurrences where despite specific training plans, team rides designated for “easy, recovery days” were transformed into fierce competitions if a single girl showed up. It’s not exactly a battle of the sexes. When a group of guys get together to go on a ride and say they’ll take it easy, then they take it easy. However, the mere presence of a female- even one that is dating the team captain!- is enough make the pack pick up the pace for fear of, I don’t know, being beaten by a girl? Since I was in Rabat anyway, I decided to pay a visit to the gym where I still have a membership, and the trip was a paragon of that bizarre inferiority complex. A soggy stench that would have been heavenly were I a fly met my nostrils as I opened the door. I realized I had wandered upon the peak workout hour for male muscle mayhem. Accordingly, as I settled into my routine, the minutes passed with exaggerated grunts from smelly bodies and bouts of boastfulness. So, cleaning ladies who stare and all, I think I’ve got to start appreciating the all-women’s floor at my gym in Kenitra.

Speaking of Kenitra, I got back this morning to the fleeting thrill of receiving my first official utilities bills. It’s a derisory payment of 70dh, but even that won’t disparage my naïve excitement of my first bill at my first apartment. My responsible grown up high was shaken, when I flipped on the television and saw that not only is Mubarak still in power, but his followers are making a bloody mess of the peaceful demonstrators.

To anyone who might have been concerned with my safety, my cousin living in Spain just passed his Masters Board, so I have a US Navy EOD Chief Master watching my back!  Congrats BJ!



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