million (wo)man march

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fourteen interviews later, I’m realizing there’s no professional way to ask someone to “describe your ideal man.” I’m afraid that my first 8 interviews may have been too skewed to use in my project because they might have been inclined to give false answers in the presence of their teacher. Not to mention, I may have reduced my own credibility by showing up with muddy pant legs and unruly hair from a motorcycle ride through several lingering puddles.  The 6 interviews I have conducted since Saturday, involving approaching strangers in cafes and on campus, did not necessarily go any smoother. However their candidness makes them slightly more valid. I’m not sure, for confidentiality reasons, how much I should disclose about my discussions with unmarried women ages 16-30 on their perceptions of marriage. In all reality, due to the many Babel moments I encounter on these interviews (I receive responses in Derija, French, and sometimes English) I’m not sure myself on the depth of some of the answers I have received. A large part of the process will be sitting down with a translator to transcribe the recordings. But I will leave that for a later date because tomorrow there is supposed to be a large demonstration in Cairo. Allegedly, one million men AND women will take to the streets in a continued surge of discontent against the Egyptian president.  Discontent seems too mild a word, but it is perhaps reflective of the passive language used by the Western leaders regarding the events.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled like potatoes in a tagine.


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