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January 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was on the verge of expressing my nervousness for tomorrow, when I am to have my first set of interviews for my research project. However, in light of the Egyptian dictator’s very recent announcement to dissolve the government tonight and name a new cabinet tomorrow morning, I have no room to talk about spending a very nervous night. After four days of protesting, culminating in the complete shutdown of phone and Internet service and imposed curfews, President Mubarak finally addressed the people. What he’s pitching will be a tough sell. He has announced that he will dissolve the cabinet, and while he regrets the loss of lives, he maintains that there is a fine line between freedom and chaos. Essentially, he wants the citizens, who have been enduring his regime for the past thirty years, to give him a chance. Mubarak said he has always understood the poor and will implement reform to rid Egypt of poverty. But it’s not simply a protest against poverty, although given that the vast majority of Egyptians live under the poverty line that would be justification indeed. It’s the determination for freedom and dignity that’s prompted this, and it’ll take more than a new cabinet to quench that thirst. Don’t forget, during Mubarak’s regime, Egypt has seen several cabinet shuffles, especially to bring Egypt’s economy into the modern age. But since none of that development trickled down to the people, and since at the end of the day the cabinet is just a rubber stamp at the discretion of the president, his words and promises are meaningless.

As the saying goes, denial is not just a river in Egypt, and Mr. Mubarak has been going against the current for far too long.



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