blithe disregard for Superbowl XLV

January 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

“Alors, you walked all the way to the beach?” I nodded. “On foot?” I nodded again, smiling. I can’t blame my landlord for being shocked. My walk with Ilias along the old US navy base to the beach and lake took several hours. We left at 8am and I didn’t get back to my apartment and a large catnap until the afternoon. We took an unannounced break at the lake, when Ilias cracked open a book and began reading as we sat along a cement lookout point. Though it was unexpected, I didn’t mind getting some extra time to soak in the sunlight and breathe the fresh air. After the lake, we went to Mehdya, the fishing neighborhood of Kenitra.  Even after all that walking, I still decided to meet up with my landlord for coffee. As I set out on the 15 minute stroll to her apartment, a man pulled up beside me with his window rolled down. I don’t think he was asking for directions anywhere, and likewise I don’t think he appreciated my retort that he was old enough to be my father. In any case, I’m pretty tired of the men here. After that minor holdup, I made my way up two flights of stairs, accidentally ding-dong-ditch’ing several households when I mistook their doorbells for the stair light.  Though I had recapped the details of my morning promenade to my landlord, she seemed to forget my fatigue as our plan to get coffee evolved into walking into a shop that supplied a curious combination of electronics and deodorant, tasting boiled snails from a street vendor, getting pastries, pointing out her favorite restaurants, and stopping by her sister’s house.  I can’t say I was easily convinced to try the snails. I have had multiple people attempt to coax me into eating them, but none as persistent as my landlord. Nary the promise of vitamins or the vows of being a cure-all will persuade me to try them ever again, but I’m glad I sampled one. Sometimes, you’ve just got to give in to the experience.

le lac

the bus stop


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