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January 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

Two-thirds of my visitors are already in Marrakech, the remaining two (Annea and Nicole) opted to stay with me in Kenitra while I study for my final exam on Wednesday. We were all together, however brief, for the new year and a brief tour of Rabat. I walked at the head of our group, pointing at various sites and recounting experiences, only to turn back and find most of the group trailing behind. This gave me adequate time to observe everyone’s walking as they observed the town.

If the pedestrians of Rabat formed a highway, my Aunt Diane would be the sleek sports car that passes you on the express lanes, expertly weaving in and out of traffic without bothering anyone. Easily the most well-travelled of our group, her steadfast step carries no fear. She never retraces her steps.

My mother walks with the constant tracking device inherent in mothers, the sort of magnetic field that is never out of tune. She greets every new item with distrust until she is sure it wont harm her babies. Then, for those of use lucky enough to receive them, her smile and gaze are enough to melt glaciers.

Annea is a rubber band: her walk slows to almost a standstill as she regards something and then she shoots herself back into the group at a rapid pace. She has the widest eyes of us all.

Steve’s walk is the most innocuous of our group, and as the only male, he is the most patient.

Josie will probably never trip. Her head nods up and down in a reflex to check for a cell phone that isn’t there, but instead finding her footing and amusement in everything. She laughs with nearly every step.

Nicole walks with her head tilted slightly, a position which allows her to swivel with ease as she regards the world around her. Her eyes sweep and but never linger, she knows exactly what she thinks about everything within moments of seeing it. Her smirk makes people wish they knew what she was thinking, and lucky for me- her twin- I often do.


Last week, I was like Obama, making tiny bits of progress in keeping my apartment clean and tidy. My family was like what the 112th Republican-majority Congress will be, undermining my tidy apartment and forcing me to start the rebuilding process all over. It’s worth it.


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