Bing Crosby knows the feeling

December 24, 2010 § 4 Comments

But its December the 24th, and I’m longing to be up North…

Lisa and I are fighting a two-front battle: the stormy weather and the Kasbah renovation work have masterfully synchronized attacks on our wireless connection. In most wars of attrition, the losing side generally makes a noble attempt to hold out for as long as possible. But in the name of finals, reports, reviews, and projects – all trivial terms that generally mean homework on Christmas- we’ve sought asylum at the “Arab Cafe” and their 17 Dirham minimum for the internet password. It’s less ground-breaking than Obama’s arms deal with Russia, but I am going to arm myself with an internet stick later today. Secondary to being able to Skype with as many people as possible today and tomorrow, I’m desperate for the internet in order to hear sappy Christmas music. Moreover, I’m not sure my Uncle Paul will forgive me if I don’t watch A Christmas Story at least once, hopefully YouTube obliges me my Christmas Eve tradition.

I’m fighting every Ebenezer and Grinch impulse to stay bitter all day. I might get my caroling fix tonight, when I go to a Christmas service at the only Protestant church in the city. Sometime around midnight, I will place my Christmas present to Lisa under a house plant.

Bah humbug.


§ 4 Responses to Bing Crosby knows the feeling

  • Jessica says:

    We’ll be thinking of you today and you will be greatly missed. I’ll snuggle up and watch the movie and teach Jack about the tradition. Love you to pieces!

  • Eric says:

    Eric wants to skype with hayley! Eric is inspired by Hayley’s adventures in Moroccocoocoo!
    Eric demands that Hayley provides him with her skype ID.
    Eric’s is samhandwich22!

    Do YOU have what it takes to skype with Eric?

  • Nicole and Travis says:

    Merry Christmas Eve, Moroccan Scrooge.

    We love you!

  • Uncle Paul says:

    Well Merry Christmas Sweetie sure missed your face last night it was not the same. We watched it to keep the tradition alive Nick laughed enough for the two of you.I know that your Christmas present is coming soon ,and I pray for a safe and wonderful visit for all.You have a wonderful holiday and feel free to Skype us anytime.
    Love and Kisses
    Uncle Paul and Aunt Teri

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