human record player

December 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m leaving the house because I must move to Kenitra.  My host mother dismisses my insistence in that phrase with the same disregard many show the beggars, seated or stooped enduringly, mechanically parroting the same pleas. According to many, beggars are on the street because of their own faults; according to my host mother, I’m leaving the house because I dislike the family and have a greedy heart.

Once I move, I wont have another chance, so I decided to take a short video tour of my nonpermanent residence, specifically my room. This perhaps shows the bankruptcy of my ideas. Obviously, I’m not expecting a Golden Globe nomination, though it wouldn’t be too farfetched, considering that awful show Glee pulled it off. So here more or less is my room:

I have submitted everything under the sun to my advisor back in Humboldt, so I officially have credit for this semester as a fledgling ex-pat. Writing up my accomplishments from this semester was quite the challenge, given the strange overlap. Even though the American academic system is gearing up for winter break, here in the non-Christmas community we’ll march straight through until February. So internship work, homework, and journaling never really ends.

It’s Wednesday and again I’m a truant. This time the culprit is la greve aka union strikes. My playing hooky is more or less straightforward: stumbling through excerpts of L’Art Poétique for my literature course, thumbing through chapters of Gender and Economics for my master’s course, considering my research proposal and interview questions for my internship, and I’m meeting with a potential landlord this afternoon.


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