big-ear, black-heart

December 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

Like the Senate voting on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, I had been avoiding telling the family I was moving. I had expected an adverse response, given that over the past few weeks my relationship with my host mother has been as rocky as the boxing saga and contrasting as the presidential standoff in Cote d’Ivoire.   I finally took a deep breath. Some of the responses included: “You have a black heart”, “you’re stealing from us”, and “your ears listen to everything bad.”  I might just have to change my name to Big-Ear, Black-Heart Umayam. The host husband turned the volume up on the television when Big-Ear, Black-Heart tried to explain the situation, and the host mother began telling the neighbors that Big-Ear, Black-Heart was  a disgraceful American. But no, I know who I really am.  I am blessed with a wonderful friend Lisa with whom I took refuge for the night while things cooled down. We had a lazy Sunday morning brunch followed by an excursion to les Jardines Exotiques.  I was able to have a semi-decent discussion when I came back to the house, but will remain resolute in my decision to leave.

Time is irreplaceable so I’d rather stop wallowing and simply find an environment I enjoy. I have paid my rent through December, but will hopefully have somewhere new to live well before the end of 2010. The challenge, I think, will not be in the finding of a new residence but in avoiding making a desperate anywhere-but-here decision.

Tomorrow I will go to Kenitra to discuss my research proposition with my internship director. With a little luck, the outcome of our meeting will provide me with refreshingly cheerful material to blog about tomorrow. Inchallah


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  • annea says:

    Glad to hear you braved it and told them. Sorry your stay with them has to end this way. Hope things will go as smooth as they can. Inchallah. Oh and she’s right, you have enormous ears.

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