wedding night

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Were I to submit to Texts From Last Night, instead of laughably sloppy, grammatically incorrect messages, mine would sound something like “This wedding is still going on oh my god.” In fact, I would even need to change categories, since yesterday’s wedding party lasted until 6 in the morning.

All through the day on Saturday, workers had been setting up round tables, shimmering sofas, and PA systems in the main room of our home. I lay half asleep, Aoufiya and Anesa mischievously slipped into my room, wrapped me in a kaftan gown and insisted we cash in on the photo opps before the wedding party arrived. Most of the hair, poses and (especially) the make-up were their idea.

Aoufiya and Anesa

Anesa and I

This hair was not my idea

this make-up was not my idea

The sofa/throne for the bride and groom

And then the guests started to arrive:

This guy took at least 2 minutes of footage of every guest. I wriggled awkwardly under the light when it was my turn, but I think these girls are gorgeous

The band

Dancing on the table

Mr. Scrooge, avoiding all the noise

And then the wedding party began outside with an elaborate ceremony for all to see.

Eventually, the bride and groom made it inside, to the delight of the guests:

3 in a row

All the guests delightedly extolled the quality of the food, décor, music. Sometime around 2am, I sought refuge in Meryem’s room. There, she, Anesa, and I were well-concealed but could still peer down at the festivities below. The three of us twirled and swayed to the music floating through our window. Revived, I took a deep breath and descended back into the heart of the celebration.

The view from above

This guy had me dying with laughter.

Around 3 or 4, I started hiding out in my room, a difficult task because my bedroom is on the ground floor, literally adjacent to the party. I would emerge periodically, struggling to avoid having to sit with to many unknown faces.

arranging everything, picture perfect


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