Advent Calendar

December 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

NPR is obsessing over holiday consumer spending, Duke Ellington’s Jingle Bells is making its way into my iTunes mix, and I’m hearing reports of snow. It must be December. Once again, I brought back enough chocolate to undermine my recent gym membership. But more than just an upper and lower body overhaul (moroccan diet+rain-bicycle=stationary Hayley) I also need to exercise some willpower. Accordingly, I will endeavor to ration out my chocolate in a countdown to the end of the month. However instead of counting down to the commemoration-of-Christ’s-birth-turned-commercial-phenomenon, I’m working my way to the new year, which will bring the best present a girl could ask for: pesto and KEXP. Maybe that’s a farfetched request, but several members of my immediate family will suffice!! I can’t wait to see them in a few short weeks. I hope Santa doesn’t side with my host mother and her incredulity. This week and weekend, I will be avoiding my current location while sniffing around for some prospective homes or apartments.   Yet another reason this will be one long December.

When TV characters have crummy days, cars zipping through puddles of rain always seem to appear in the ensuing moments. I guess I’m a walking target for what’s “As Seen On TV”, because on my rainy trek back to the train station from class yesterday, that’s exactly what happened. Got drenched.  My unpreparedness for two midterms didn’t rank today much higher. I have to confess, I should have known they would be waiting for me after my double vacation to the countryside and Spain. However in my defense, I did not hear for certain that I should even take my exams until this morning. Luckily, my friend got back from her weekend excursion just in time to cheer me up.


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