(Thanks)Taking seconds in Spain

November 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

My little cousins are thankful for their DS lite. I was thankful that Morocco and Spain are in the same Andalucían neighborhood. Even with most of their kitchen supplies in transit from Italy, I had a great time tagging along as my cousins BJ and Kim and their two boys explored their newest home in Spain. Compared with the large and straightforward navy base that we drove through multiple times, the town of Rota was nearly a Moroccan medina with its jumbled jungle of streets endlessly emptying into one another, with the search for a parking space as far-fetched as finding a store open during siesta.

On Thanksgiving Day, we managed to cook up a feast and I took more “seconds” than I should have. Then we strolled along the beach at Cadiz, where the “z” is pronounced “th”.

I love these boys!

and this one!

HUNTER writing his name!!!

On Friday, with the monkeys from a Spain tour guide book on our minds, we headed south for a glimpse at the rock of Gibraltar. A wrong turn lead us to Spain’s southeastern most town, where you can see the Mediterranean and the Atlantic at the same time. We had a brief stay at this Mecca for kite surfers, but were determined to see Gibraltar. The weather was not ideal for getting close to the enormous stone Hercules positioned at the straight between the two continents, but we took photos and admired it from afar before the rain and cold and authentic paella urged us home.


Jonah, digging the wind on the Iberian Penninsula

Lovely Kim and the boys

The angry Mediterranean

Jonah Kai

Hunter Makai

My first paella!

Saturday crept up all too soon. We checked out as much of the Seville as we could without getting rained on, c’est-à-dire a cathedral, a shoe stores, and Starbucks. Espana te amo.

Giralda, the largest cathedral in Europe?

Hunter, straight thuggin in Seville

Had a stormy flight back to Fes where I stayed with friends of friends for a night. They showed me around a bit, but I needed to get back to Rabat. So on my return trip, in a span of 24 hours I took: 1 one-hr plane, 1 one-hr bus,  4 petit taxis, 2 grand taxis, and then got onto a train which would last 3 hours. Tahar Ben Jalloun kept me company for a while but after I finished reading his book The Sand Child it was up to Stevie Wonder to entertain me. I want to go back to Fes sometime to further explore their medina and go on some nearby hikes.

You can barely see me compared to the huge medina entrance

The stormy fall weather followed me south. I hope it encourages me to make some serious progress on my internship research and my latest project, finding a new place to live. I’m coming across motives for moving like they grow on trees, and perhaps it is painfully evident that harvest season is here.


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