a chance of showers

November 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

I love it when the weather forecast holds uncertainty. I love knowing that there are still some phenomenon, some world wonders, and spontaneous occurrences for which there is no scientific prophecy.

Host mothers can be equally temperamental. Most days our interactions are wholehearted and positive. But sometimes cultural sensitivities towards ones public image transforms iPods into cameras. In other words, my host mother, who lately has been edgier than retro clothing, was extremely offended when she thought I was taking pictures of her kitchen that happened to not have been clean at that moment. Really, my iPod and I were trying to get warm by standing beside the oven and praying to the wifi goddess of the stairwell to give us a sign. Maybe I should feel somewhat accomplished for reaching a level of being yelled at like one of her children – after all, I do want to experience family life, don’t I? Regardless, being caught in a flash downpour of motherly rage does not hold the same charm as a sky who can’t decide if it will rain or not.

Mistakes are constitutive of learning.


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