Congratulations Jos

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

After 6 weeks of walking past this street corner, I almost didn’t give this scene a second look. It’s funny how quickly a man in a costume getting his shoes shined becomes commonplace, so lacking in originality that I hardly notice it anymore. My culture shock is wearing off like the cheap lipstick I’ve been sporting (part of my new “blending in” strategy). Well that’s an exaggeration; there’s nothing banal about life here. Perhaps my acquaintance with Rabat is moving from that awkward stage where you forget their name or where you met them, to the friendly stage where you start to develop inside jokes and ask about their day.

I’ve been brainstorming possible topics to my field research/paper/report for UNESCO. I think I’m going to try and shadow the different members of my household and see what I find. Theoretically, I would like to devote an entire day to each family member and carefully annotate all their actions. My alibi for tomorrow’s trial run, I told Aoufiya that I want to learn how to make couscous. We’ll see what else I can cook up.

And, did any of you watch those videos I posted from the TanJazz festival? Well, the director of Fam de Funk did. He emailed me and requested that I send him any and all the videos and photos I took at the concert to add to their website and YouTube channel. Took a few tries, but finally uploaded the rest and sent them his way. He thanked me by sending me 2 of their albums and a place to stay if I’m ever in Barcelona. So what if they’re a few weeks old, here’s some more soul food for your ears from the September festival in Tanger:


§ One Response to Congratulations Jos

  • Josie Dow says:

    AWWWW 🙂
    and you have jazzy friends that have a place for you to stay in Barcelona if you wish? how did this come about you lovely worldly woman??

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