Rabat’s Got Talent

October 16, 2010 § 1 Comment


Lisa's sister (Sara?)


Even with no rural village trip today, I couldn’t motivate myself to continue editing my report, let alone start my translating. My procrastination has one perk for you, dear reader: pictures and videos!

I didn’t have breakfast with the family this morning, opting instead for the invitation to brunch at Lisa’s. Her younger twin sisters are here visiting. Yes, their sibling scenario is like mine: an older sister who is about 4 years older than the set of twin girls. However, Lisa isn’t blessed with an exponential number of step-siblings. While our morning feast served as a bountiful distraction, I couldn’t help aching for my siblings.


Freshly squeezed oj, tea, AND coffee. Who says you can only have one?


Lunch today:

Potatos, carrots, olives, chicken. Check that freshly baked bread in the background.

Last night I had heard something mention of a “theater performance” at Meryem’s school. After sitting in a restless mob of pre-teens huddled on the bleacher-esque desks for 40 minutes, the performance began as most important things do, with a Qur’an reading.


Waiting for the show to start


It ended up being, more or less, a talent show. There were skits with strange morals, what I think was stand-up comedy, and my own host sister played her signature tune.


My little sister Meryem, the rock star



There's only one reason I took this photo, and it's for Cassie


After 3 hours of performances, Aoufiya, the rock star, and I braved traffic to to satisfy their incorrigible sweet tooth at a patisserie.


Better than Reeses


Tomorrow I swear I’ll do my homework. Or maybe I’ll just go to the beach with Lisa and the twins.


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