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October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Got what I had asked for yesterday, when I met with the chair (Mme F.R.), a secretary (Khadija), and the Dean of the Faculty of Letters. Though I received a warm welcome and a business card from the Dean, I can’t say that I dazzled him with my French and cordiality. I always seem to stammer and stutter and forget my manners when I’m talking to important functionaries, regardless of the language. I’ve have been given two projects. The first is another translation task, 15 pages of single-spaced soliloquy on the issues of feminine citizenship and the new family code. The second, compile and present MY thoughts on al-Moudawana, the new Family Code of Morocco. They seem particularly interested in hearing what an American girl has to say and what elements I found the most revolutionary as well as my observations on its application. I need to compose it English before translating it to French and passing it along to the chair members, and possibly be there to present it to them. And I have a desk! But I hesitate to call it my desk, it’s more of a work station in an antechamber of the UNESCO office. Unfortunately, since it is all the way in Kenitra and there is no internet, it will not be particularly convenient for me to work there except during my weekly 4 hour stretch between classes.

Today’s grammar class was interrupted by students protesting the equivalent of the CSU budget cuts, so my 4 hour gap started sooner than anticipated. I managed to get a start on the latter of my “projects” but when the secretary went on her lunch break, I once again adopted the bedouin lifestyle, ever-searching for a “conducive to studying” oasis. A little brain-dead today, my apologies for this extremely dull post.




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