October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oddly enough, I did jinx myself with the surfing lesson.


For better of worse, I’m no stranger to doing things out of their normal order. I went to community college during high school; I took the public transit more after I got my driver’s license than before; I researched sovereign wealth funds before taking a proper economy class. Shortly after buying my plane ticket for Morocco, I submitted an independent study abroad proposal to various Humboldt administrators that set out the terms for receiving credit.  I listed scenarios and a ruinous number of hours to be completed before having heard concrete details from my desired institution.


My game of unconventional sequencing may be foiled. My study abroad proposal was a hypothesis that I adjudged to be fact. But five weeks later, the test runs of my experiment have been inconclusive at best.


Yesterday, Lisa, Yassine (her Moroccan friend) and I dodged flash downpours as we scoured the souks for a backpack and postcards. Yassine treated us to some juice. Yes, juice is quite the treat. At the juice stands, everything comes with a base of freshly squeezed orange juice, a blank canvas to which one adds an arbitrary or visionary selection of other fruits. Banana, mango, and papaya are popular ingredients, though Lisa added a kiwi spin on hers and I settled on pomegranate. It was truly 100% juice, and not in the Welch’s white grape sense.

It was later that night, after Yassine left for his hammam, that I finally opened up to Lisa about my concern over my internship. She suggested that I simply email them, express my concern and see what happens. So late last night, I sent a perplexed email explaining my frustrations to the heads of UNESCO.

This morning, I had received two separate emails from two different women (Mme Rhissassi and another) that set meeting times for Tuesday morning at 9:30 and 10am. Surfing will have to wait.




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