Guns or butter

October 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Reminds me of a jack-o-lantern

There may not be any costumes, or carnivals, or corn mazes, no hocus-pocus, headless horseman, or horror film marathons, but October has arrived through other familiar mediums: rain and creepy crawlies.

nice legs


Waking up with strange bites on my body convinced me to sleep in a different room. I’d like to rule out bedbugs since the family bought my current bed brand new, but still. This weekend, Aoufiya is hosting some students on a weekend exchange so my hideout of choice (the new salon/living room) is unavailable. I’ve no choice but to take the offensive.

I’ve detained several POWs but the invasion persists. Aoufiya supplied me with cockroach poison, but chemical warfare makes me nervous.  Interrogate as I might, none yield details on how they infiltrate my headquarters.  Today I changed tactics as the rain threatened to send a fresh supply of my foes searching for refuge. I bought a pistolet à silicone, AKA a caulking gun to stifle the covert operations at the base of my great wall.

This afternoon, Lisa and I had some miscommunication, so I watched people surf in the rainstorm but didn’t actually get to suit up and try. My first lesson, if no surprise UNESCO commitments arise, will be on Tuesday.

We went back to Lisa’s for some chai from Vienna, Cote D’Ivoire music, and helped her move into Pierre’s old room (he moved back to France today).



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