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October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Too tired to be detailed.  Met up with French-speaking Meryem (from the university) and we went on a tour of the city, including the tomb of the late Moroccan kings/grand mosque/minaret/remnants of an older mosque. Though it is the same mosque I went to during Ramadan, it looked completely different during the day. Later we went to an artisan center and looked at pottery and tilework galore. Then to a coffeeshop to watch the Barcelona soccer game. Meryem is sweeter than moroccan mint tea and a great  conversationalist. Some photos of our outing:





Entrance to the tomb






The tomb of Mohamed V, the late king. Marble, marvel, marble



Meryem and her brother Driss



Moroccan tourists



In the name of Allah, the Almighty all Merciful



For Annea


Tomorrow I’m going to Kenitra to meet Mme F.R. and possibly be introduced to the Dean of Ibn Tofail. For clarity, this is NOT the Dean or university introduction that was postponed last week, but the Dean of the university where I take French classes. They also happen to host UNESCO meetings from time to time.  Don’t worry, I have trouble keeping the names and places straight too.


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