Island time

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

bathroom window

What’s wrong with me? Yesterday I jaywalked a highway, haggled an old woman into selling me toilet paper for 6Dh instead of 7 ($0.73 instead of $0.85), and threw my pistachio yogurt container in the street. Perhaps I’m adapting, but Mother Nature didn’t seem to appreciate my evolution into a litterbug. She punished me with three more cockroaches on my nightstand and bed. Exercised the “catch-and-release” approach for fear of karma. Made my bed an island in the exact center of my room, and rearranged my wardrobe, nightstand, and trashcan into an archipelago. Hopefully it’ll reduce the cockroach hangouts. I have to say, I’m not entirely bummed that the wifi works better on the rooftop terrace than in my room.


After Lisa and I grappled with Arabic grammar, we watched the sun drip into the ocean then made plans to meet her flat-mates for dinner in a few hours. To kill time, we made tea and conversation on colonial constructions of gender, the aid industry, and globalization. Man, my French is limiting.

Pierre, Farid, Lisa, and ??? at one of the entrances to the Medina

I promise I’ll post some thoughts on Moroccan society eventually.


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