Bring her the Nobel, already!

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been slowly chipping away on my translation of the UNESCO Chair’s report of activities for 2009-2010 like that dish of unnaturally colored gummy candies on your grandma’s living room table. You know, the ones where “maybe just one” turns into a nibble here, and another, and another until you look down at the dwindling inventory and begin pressuring other people into taking some so you wont feel like the lone addict when you snag a handful to-go.

Enough lengthy reminiscing over guilty pleasures. I started to do some fact-checking on some of the organizations mentioned in the report and ran into a website devoted to innovative women in Morocco. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to find the profile of a certain Mme F.R., but I nearly peed my pants. Unfortunately, the Google-translate’d version reads as eloquently as the URL looks -I think they mean her and not his– but it’ll do. La Marocaine-Google Translate. Can my infatuation be warranted now, please?

Also heard from another woman in my life, Meryem from the university president’s office, via this intriguing message: “Let’s meet this Sunday at 3pm. It’s going to be funny. Promise”. I guess the only way to know if she intended “fun” instead of “funny” is to meet her this weekend.


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