September 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

I went to Tanger, and in less than 24 hours I lost 5 pounds! You can too! Here’s how it works:

  1. Hop the morning train from Rabat to Tanger and don’t pack food! When you arrive at the station at a quarter to one, you might feel a bit fatigued, but hopefully the friends of friends of friends you’re staying with will be there soon!
  2. When they offer you fried anchovies, eat them! It’ll be the only food you’ll get for the rest of your stay.
  3. Breathe deeply as your hosts chain smoke the night away.
  4. After you roam the coastal city, ride a camel, and dance dance dance at the free jazz concert, cancel those plans to visit the discotheque! By now your stomach will be churning and you’re only minutes away from dropping the pounds.
  5. Get some quality face-time with the throne and bucket. If you feel miserable and lonely as you occupy the households only restroom, don’t despair. Just think of the results!
  6. Wake up your host at 4:30am so you can catch the first train back to Rabat.
  7. et Viola! Less than 24 hours and you’re doubtless leaner than ever!

So it’s not FDA approved.  But I can vouch. Side effects include having a perfectly pleasant adventure to Morocco’s liveliest town cut short.

In all seriousness, my trip to Tanger was out of my comfort zone but not in a way that I minded until the tell-tale travel sickness set in. While I did not see much of the jazz festival responsible for my impulse voyage, I practiced my pantomime-interpretation skills as the derija speaking brother and sister pointed out various buildings. When I started to feel under the weather, my only thoughts were getting back to the relative familiarity of my new home.  The next train was in the morning; I had a long night ahead of me. The late-night roar of a marriage procession mixed with nausea masterfully transformed me into an insomniac. However, were it not for my hasty 5:30 departure, I would never have glimpsed my first Moroccan sunrise.


Fatima Zohra, one of my hosts

Abdelhak et Mohamed

Old and new, and Spain in the distance

Checking that off the Maroc to-do list

Sea of people


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