Preachin’ the blues

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thank god. Now when someone mentions the Kasbah, it won’t just be a catchy Clash song, but azul, aquamarine, and navy hues that come to mind.  Perhaps I spent too much time in Bug World when I interned at the zoo, but I couldn’t help likening the Oudayas Kasbah to the Blue Morpho Butterfly; both have a dull earthy pattern on the outside but are brilliantly disarming on the other side.

Looking from the Kasbah across the river mouth to Sale


Like medinas (old cities), many Moroccan towns, especially coast towns, have Kasbahs (fortified cities).  And what’s a good touristy wall of stone without its beloved false guides? They found me and Robert, unintentionally sporting our country’s colors, as easy prey.

Red, White, and Oudayas Blue

Blending in, but not quite

Kids will be kids.  As this photo demonstrates, not majestic ancient walls, or passers by can distract them from their games. With one poor little guy toppled on the concrete the others broke into a mini-brawl that danced all over the stairway.



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