I hope this blog finds you well and in good health. Let this be a way for you (my dear family and friends and strangers) to see what I’m seeing during my year abroad in Morocco.

I have an internship with the Chair UNESCO (Women and Their Rights) which is headquartered at the Mohamed V University in Rabat as well as Ibn Tofail Univeristy in Kenitra. I am also taking classical Arabic courses at the Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) in Rabat and some French courses and a course on globalization at Ibn Tofail. I may additionally  endeavor to sit in on a masters class on gender studies, and possibly observe a few classes in the English department. In theory, I will focus the bulk of my second half on field work and interviewing for a research topic. However my schedule and activities  develops as the year marches on, I will be earning credit at Humboldt State University, my home school.  To the gracious and supportive World Languages and Cultures Department, shokran bzaff

Nothing is set in stone. Stay in touch.


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  • Aunti Di says:

    Hi Hayley!
    An extraordianry year is ahead of you, and I look forward to reading all about it. Here’s to you Sweetie!
    xo Auntie Di

  • Carla says:

    We are all reading your blog and “experiencing much” because of your excellent descriptive writing and photos. Gregg has a book about Morocco that he is enjoying on his Kindle. Grandpa Paul read through all of your entries last night when he was over for his weekly dinner with us.
    You might be glad to know that a cross-section of churches including Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, and many Christian denominations came together in Sacramento on the anniversary of 9/11 to release doves and offer blessings of peace on the Quran. It was held at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento in response to the Florida pastor’s threat to burn Islam’s holy book. They quoted from passages calling us to respectful interfaith dialogue in all of the revered holy books of the faiths represented. Though it probably got very little press coverage as compared to the guy in Florida, it gives us hope.
    Love from Carla, Gregg, and Paul

  • Justin says:

    Hi Haley, whats up? It’s cool to see what your doing in Morocco, it must be kinda scary being away from the U.S., in a completely different country. See you soon.

  • Gregg says:

    Dear Hayley,

    What a journey of place and a virtual tour of mental space. I’ve never followed a blog. Now I understand why they can be so powerful–not for the technical ability one has to publish far and wide, but for the voice that can emerge. Land Where the Sun Sets is a clarion call in our household, and it’s because of your beautiful voice.

    You’ve invited us in with your articulate selection of words and fabulously captured images. They’ve triggered joy–when we finally hear from you after days of silence, broken by pictures of smiling kiddos on Spanish sand; nervousness–when you venture to the unfamiliar corners of rural Morocco or the inky alleys of buzzing Rabat; sadness–when things don’t quite work out at work, at home, at school.

    But then there’s perspective. You are a thinker, and you have a jazz-infused soul, able to both follow form but also ad lib like a masterful musician. When you quoted Miles–well, it was only a matter of time before I would attempt to be a voice on the other end–even for a moment–sharing that we’re thinking of you often. So the quote:

    “‘Did you bring a copy of your passport?’ she asked. Though I could not have played it off as coolly as Miles Davis, it never entered my mind to bring my passport, or my address in Arabic because I thought I would go there simply to pick up the letter that I would later bring to the police department.” (Time to ad lib!)

    How Carla, Paul and I–along with the whole Umayam Nation, I’m sure–would like to park ourselves in the corner of a Rabat cafe, look you in the eyes, and tell you–over a cup of Yerba Mate!–that you are beloved.

    Merry Christmas and blessed time with your visiting family.


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